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La La Land Is Entitlement: The Musical



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I agree

This was mostly right, except the part where the songs were good. Because they weren't. This film BLEW! Why do people love it?! Ugh. White people. It's a neat nod to the Golden Age of Tinsel Town, but would've been better if this musical had been a musical. Gosling and Stone tap some taps and that's actually pretty impressive, but THEY. DONT. SING. They just whisper-sing and then Stone tears up which isn't hard to do because her eyes are giant and she needs to flood them for fear they might dry out like mars. Legend sings (and is the only part worth watching) but everyone else just sucks. Stupid white savior Gosling is RIGHT! Why do white guys keep trying to save jazz? In 40 years some white hipster is going to be trying to save hip-hop and I hope a George Burns version of 50 Cent shoots him right then and there. I cant WAIT to keep telling people how awful this was. I cant feel sad for a love story that didnt pan out when there was no love between the main characters. This is an EXTREMELY accurate review, minus the part about the songs. Plus, I think you should just commit to giving it the D it deserves.

IEVENLOVE GOSLINGLEGEND more than 2 years ago