Cutting Room for March 2020

Interrupt your daily broadcast of ableist nonsense by attending an upcoming screening of Far From the Tree.
  • From tone-deaf, ableist arguments about straws to a depressing lack of discussion among presidential candidates, the national dialogue concerning disabled Americans kinda sucks right now. I’m not saying Film Streams can single-handedly fix that, but they’re gonna give it a go. They’re hosting a special screening of Far From the Tree in collaboration with the Meyer Foundation for Disabilities on Tuesday, March 10, at 7 p.m. The documentary, based on a best-selling book by Andrew Solomon, follows the parents of children deemed “abnormal” by society because society kinda sucks right now. The film will be followed by a discussion moderated by Meyer Foundation Board President Mary McHale. Presumably, her questions will move beyond “things kinda suck right now, huh?”
  • The “vertical format” is the technical term for when people don’t turn their smartphones horizontal when they record stuff, producing a super-small, vastly vexing, tiny image. Well, director Timur Bekmambetov is filming a whole blockbuster movie that way. On purpose. Escape From Hell is a World War II movie about a Soviet pilot who escapes a German concentration camp by hijacking an airplane. I’m not in any way suggesting that watching a vertical format blockbuster comes close to the horror of war. I am saying that if an evil torturer from WW2 had a favorite film format, it would be the vertical format.
  • Cynthia Erivo deserves to be so much more famous than she already is. She’s one step from an EGOT, already having Tony, Grammy and Emmy awards, and that Oscar is definitely just a matter of time. She was nominated this year for her role in Harriet and also belted an insanely gorgeous song from the movie at the ceremony. Apparently, in her ample free time, she also recently did a sci-fi podcast called Carrier, and that is now going to be turned into a movie, and she’s going to star in it. She also killed it in HBO’s recent Stephen King adaptation The Outsider. She’s everywhere. Somewhere in your house, Cynthia Erivo is there mastering some other art form. She’s in the bathroom doing interpretive dance or something. Here’s hoping that Carrier is a big fat hit that makes her the household name she has really earned the right to be by this point.
  • An easy way to get people excited about a thing: Put Olivia Colman in it. The Lost Daughter will mark Maggie Gyllenhaal’s writing and directing debut, which is a cool thing unto itself made infinitely more cool by the Olivia Colman of it all! Colman will play a college professor whose psychological trauma resurfaces after meeting a woman played by Dakota Johnson. Maybe Colman’s character recognizes Johnson’s character from somewhere she can’t put a specific color on. The film will also star Jessie Buckley, who blew me away in last year’s Wild Rose. What I’m saying is, The Lost Daughter has definitely found at least one rabidly excited fan already.

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