Fancy meetin’ you here! I mean, it’s not particularly FANCY…there are no doilies or fine china or anything. Makes you wonder why that expression is usually said like a cowboy. Did cowboys really refer to things as “fancy?” Curious.

Anyhoodle, I am excited to get to these haikus because I heard a great haiku this weekend at a poetry slam about Malcolm X, Warren Buffet, and how Omaha must have some great sperm. Now I managed to get a discussion of cowboys saying “fancy” and sperm into the first post of the week. Tuesday is going to have a lot to live up to. Let’s do the numbers (and the haikus).

1.) True Grit – $15 million (Accuracy of prediction – 93.5%)

Off into sunset,

this picture will also ride

with a lot of cash!

2.) Little Fockers – $13 million (Accuracy of prediction – 95.5%)

Fock this dumb movie.

With it’s Focking one-note jokes.

And Fock Stiller too.

3.) Season of the Witch – $10 million (Accuracy of prediction – 90%)

Nic Cage may be weird

But at least he’s interesting.

So that’s something, right? 4.) Tron Legacy – $10 million (Accuracy of prediction – 90%)

Jeff Bridges kicks ass

Inside a video game,

And atop a horse!

5.) Black Swan – $8 million (Accuracy of prediction – 0%)

Why, Natalie, why?

Why ruin my predictions?

Oh, I can’t stay mad.

Overall accuracy of prediction – 74%

A meager total

But if Natalie’s happy,

then I am happy.

Okay, see you in a few for my daily news drop.Until then, follow me on Twitter or the Smurfs win.

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