Cutting Room for August 17

  • Having met him once through green screen magic, Tom Hanks now wants to get to the bottom of who really offed JFK. Parkland is an indie drama produced by the man once known as the “nicest in Hollywood” and now known as simply “that one guy from that awful Julia Roberts movie.” It’s unclear if Hanks will star, but I think I have a suspicion as to who the film may conclude is the killer. Does Lieutenant Dan have an air-tight alibi?
  • The Wolf Pack is ready to howl once more in The Hangover Part III, and they have a new adversary: John Goodman. The portly and prolific palooka is set to terrorize the fellas, likely after they get Galifianaki-roofied again. One request: just because Ken Jeong doesn’t mind showing his chopstick and dumplings doesn’t mean Goodman should.
  • Let’s forget that they’re amazingly talented actors for a minute and marvel that Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon are joining into what can only be an unholy partnership. Hardy, who played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, and Shannon, who plays General Zod in the upcoming Man of Steel, may be starring in an adaptation of the play The Long Red Road, but we all know they’re likely hatching a plot to take over the world while they do it. If they start holding script meetings in a hollowed-out volcano, we’ll know for sure.
  • Robert Downey Jr. hurt his ankle, shutting down production temporarily on Iron Man 3. This is a reminder that once upon a time, director Warner Herzog was shot during an interview and finished the interview. Who’s the real superhero now?

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