Cutting Room for August 3

  • Whereas I simply come out and make feisty editorial comments about the Aurora shootings, some people—cough, Aksarben Cinema (, cough—actually do something to directly help. The theater has begun collecting donations at the box office to be given to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance ( Think of it like this: If you buy a ticket for The Watch and donate an equal dollar value to this charity, you will have done one good thing! Props once more to Aksarben for being a charitable leader…who doesn’t do it for the props.
  • It’s time for the third biennial Cinemateca presented at Film Streams ( in collaboration with the Office of Latino/Latin American Studies (OLLAS) at UNO ( For those of you who don’t know, biennial means “two ennials.” And Cinemateca is a series of 6 films that start Aug 31 and run through Oct 2. Things actually kick off at El Museo Latino ( on Friday, Aug 24 at 7 pm with the Cinemateca 2012 Preview Party, which is a free event that includes food and salsa dancing. So you can eat salsa while you salsa. Head to any of the links above for more information.
  • It’s still early, but rumor has it that Jimmy Fallon is in strong contention to be the new host of the Oscar, bravely venturing into territory James Franco was thoroughly bored by. I kind of like Fallon and his aw-shucks laughing at himself schtick, but if I were the Academy, I’d be a-courtin’ a certain gal who used to sit at a desk with him for a co-host. A Tina Fey-Fallon reunion would be good for ratings and help remind people this was once a coveted gig and not some cosmic punishment. 

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