• If you live in Omaha (which you probably do), are a fan of Alexander Payne (which you probably are) and frequent Film Streams (which you totally should), this news is as exciting as it may be expected. The major fundraiser for the best little art house in the midwest, Feature V, will be held on Nov 24, 2013 and will feature the triumphant trio of Payne, Bruce Dern and Will Forte, appearing in support of the Ruth Sokolof Theater and their film Nebraska. If you’re a member of Film Streams (and if not, why not), tickets go on sale on Friday Aug 16. For all you people who should immediately become Film Streams members, tickets are available the following Friday (Aug 23). Feature V will offer us our annual chance to thank this nonprofit for existing with the best thank you ever: money.
  • You know your film has made a difference when an animated fish blinks. Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo nobody needed or wanted, is undergoing script revisions in the wake of Blackfish, the SeaWorld-gutting documentary about killer killer whales. While the rest of the plot remains wrapped tighter than well-made sushi, we now know the ending will not feature captivity in a marine park as was planned. The good news is awareness is clearly rising. The bad news is, the animated version of SeaWorld wasn’t Blackfish’s target.
  • I know that a “turd alert” isn’t a thing, but if there’s ever been a reason to create one, it’s this: they’re making a Chicken Soup for the Soul movie. And it’s written by the guy who wrote the Aaron Eckart-Jennifer Aniston movie Love Happens and is being produced by a guy who made The Smurfs. Nostalgia is great until we start adapting my grandmother’s favorite toilet-time reading from the 1990s.

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