Cutting Room for December 27

  • Somebody tell NBC that their acronym doesn’t stand for Nail-Biting Classics. Having already taken Dracula and Hannibal Lecter to the small screen, the network is now adapting Rosemary’s Baby into a miniseries. Having Satan’s bun in your oven isn’t a concept that needs so many hours to investigate, but I suppose if you want to really freak people out and prevent them from breeding, four hours of devil baby should do it. Enjoy “Parenthood” on NBC!
  • Even if it’s true and somewhat unsurprising, you didn’t have to go and say it, Marty! While promoting his latest, The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin “Those ARE my real eyebrows” Scorsese confessed his career is winding down and that he has only “a couple more” movies left. He’s in his 70s and has been wildly prolific, so it’s not like we can complain… But it still hurts. Whenever he goes out, it’ll be as one of the best ever. Let’s just hope he chooses the last film carefully. Nobody wants to go out on Ishtar, you know?
  • I liked Jack Reacher. I had few problems with the diminutive Tom Cruise playing a character who is some kind of walking mountain in the novels. I’m pleased to hear that they’re going to develop a sequel, Never Go Back, but less excited that apparently there’s going to be a precocious teen girl along as a sidekick. Reacher described himself as “a drifter with nothing to lose,” in one of the most cringe-worthy line readings of last year. So how does that guy wind up taking in a sass-mouthed teen lady? Marketing! I take it all back if they cast Elle Fanning, who is so stupid talented she deserves to be in more stuff.

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