I try not to be serious in this column very often out of a fear that someone may think I take myself seriously. And yet, with a subject as important as this next one, I’m gonna move the jokey jokes to my back pocket. The Holocaust is falling out of living memory (see, I told you this would be serious), which is to say that the generation of people with first-hand, personal knowledge of one of  (if not the most) horrific events in human history is beginning to die out. That’s why Holocaust remembrance is so important, as is documenting the stories via film. On Monday, March 23 at 7 pm (check in is at 6 pm), Aksarben Cinema is holding a special screening of No. 4 Street of Our Lady in collaboration with The Institute for Holocaust Education and Center for Faith Studies. There will be a Q&A after the screening of the film, which focuses on a Polish Catholic woman who rescued 15 of her Jewish neighbors. If there’s even a chance that the adage about “repeating the past” if we forget it is true, this is one event we’d best not let lapse from memory.

Oh boy… So I was gonna go back to the smarmy sarcasm that you all (in my imagination) love so much, but we’re kind of staying in the same waters as that first bit of news above. Film Streams and the Middle East Cultural and Educational Services of Omaha are bringing a special screening of Omar to the Ruth Sokolof Theater on Wednesday, April 8 at 7 pm. The film is an action-packed drama with tons of romance set in the Arab-Israeli conflict. And now you see why I chose to stay dry and serious here, as few things say “make jokes” as little as “Arab-Israeli conflict.”

Oh thank God. The Holocaust and Arab-Israeli conflict are “hands off” for humor, but I can make a boatload of jokes about Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the first movie to overtly and intentionally sexualize a cartoon woman and have people think that’s normal. Film Streams just announced its program list for the Spring Forever Young Family & Children’s Series. After kicking off on Saturday April 4 with Roger Rabbit, the series moves on to Chicken Run, which is the only time Mel Gibson has played a literal rooster, although he is frequently called a synonym for that bird. Then the series winds its way through Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness and The Gold Rush before concluding with Popeye, which marked Robin Williams’ first movie role and the last time spinach was a plot point.  

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