Cutting Room for February 28

  • When The Lego Movie caught lightning in a bottle and turned a potentially  horrid cash grab into an entertaining flick, the studio reaction was predictable: We should try hitting that hole-in-one miracle shot again! Warner Bros. bought the rights to Minecraft, which you should have your kids explain to you. The ugly, chunky animated game is also largely narrative free, which is still a bad thing but now Warner Bros. thinks it is a good thing so look out for falling box office.
  • There won’t be an Anchorman 3. This is good news to people who thought the sequel was bad, bad news to people who thought the sequel was news and not news of any kind to grandparents around the world. Adam McKay, who directed both films, said that the latest gigantic re-cut version of Anchorman 2 that is being re-released in theaters is the last hurrah, compete with 700 new jokes and added footage. Seeing as how Ron Burgandy was almost as omnipresent recently as Kevin Hart, it’s hard to be too sad to see the mustachioed newsman ride off into the sunset.
  • Seth Rogen, who starred in a movie last year where a gigantic Satan had his penis cut off, spoke to the US Congress this week. He shared a personal story about his mother-in-law and called for increased awareness and funding for Alzheimer’s research. He did so in his charming, self-deprecating way before taking his argument online, where he pointed out the hypocrisy of representatives who took photo ops with him but failed to attend his session. Good for Rogen to leverage his fame into a cause he believes in. If he can oversee the severing of the devil’s penis, I believe he can do anything.

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