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-Anytime someone wants to shoot a film in Omaha, my ears perk up. And if it’s a young person, like Ryan Olsen, a UNL graduate, I perk all the way up! That’s…that’s not innuendo. At any rate, Olsen wants to shoot a short film titled Say Goodbye, Grace: A Detective Story. But he needs our help. Unlike “yo mamma,” making a movie isn’t cheap or easy. So if you want to help a young local get his start, head to the movie’s Kickstarter page and make a donation. I know everyone and yo mamma gets hit up for money, but I can think of few things more satisfying than starting a new filmmaker off right. I mean, one of those few things is, of course, yo mamma.

-If you’ve seen the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer, you’ve probably had two thoughts: First, “how can I build a time machine to watch this movie now?” Second, “Wait a tic, is…is Darth Vader going to be in this?!” The answer to the first one is, you already did, screwed everything up and now Donald Trump may be president. The answer to the second is hell yeah! The studio confirmed what had long been a poorly kept secret: the dark lord of the Sith will be back! And this time, George Lucas can’t make him bellow a comically melodramatic “Noooo!”

-Let’s keep it in the Disney family for just one more beat, as there were some confusing and conflicting reports about Indiana Jones emerging. Disney CEO Bob Iger bumbled his way through a conversation where he tried to characterize the nature of the next sequel. Lots of people were left wondering if there would be a reboot or reworking or what. The short answer is: who knows? The longer answer is: don’t worry about it yet. There’s no way Disney lets a property like this stay dormant forever, nor is there a way they let Harrison Ford hold the character in his casket. There will be a reworking of some kind to allow both the existing Indy to remain and new adventures to continue. So long as they don’t involve monkeys or nuked fridges, we should be good.

-This is a weird beat, but it had to be included. Portishead, who simply does not make enough music, did a cover of ABBA’s “SOS” for the film High-Rise that you have to hear. The video is simple but does the job. You can’t tell me you’ve heard ABBA and thought “now that’s fertile ground for a Portishead cover,” but that’s why they’re Portishead and you’re not.

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