Cutting Room for June 14

  • Hey you! Yeah, YOU! You make-a the movie? If you make-a the movie then Film Streams want-a you movie! The fourth annual Local Filmmakers Showcase is for you, if you live-a in Nebraska, Iowa or South Dakota (we got-a loose definition of “local”). Submit-a you movie now! You got-a until July 26, but don’t-a wait! Use-a you computer to go to and get-a the details. This has been-a local movie news brought to you in the voice of Super Mario for-a no reason!
  • From the people who brought you soda containers the size of a small child and copious offers to preorder DVDs comes MEGATICKET. Sadly, this is not a monstrous creature made entirely of ticket stubs but a $50 ticket to World War Z. You’d think for that price, Brad Pitt would sit next to you while you watch, but no! You get to see the movie in 3D two days early with a small popcorn (which is now served in a thimble at most theaters), a pair of your own World War Z 3D glasses (which will get you super laid at parties), an HD download of the film when it’s released on Blu-ray and a full-size, limited edition poster of Pitt looking forlorn because of zombies. Wave of the future or horrible miscalculation of consumer needs? You decide!
  • Wanna meet a talking dog in person? Darn straight you do! This Wednesday (June 19) at 8:15 pm you can see an exclusive screening of the new season of “Wilfred.” After that, you can talk to Wilfred. Yeah, you heard me! Jason Gann, the Aussie actor who wears the dog suit, will be doing a post-show Q&A at Aksarben Cinema ( All you gots to do is grab a FREE ticket at a Cox Solutions Store (four locations: Pebblewood, Village Pointe South, Shadow Lake and Westroads). That’s dog news that’s nothing to sniff at!

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