Cutting Room for June 15

  • Did you like District 9 but feel that it’s metaphor about apartheid could have been even more obvious? Never fear! Director/writer Neill Blomkamp’s secretive new movie, Elysium, has just had its plot revealed, and it is even more obvious-er. Set in the year 2159, the move follows a man (Matt Damon) who tries to leave the confines of a polluted and overpopulated Earth, where the poor people live, to go to Elysium, a clean space station, where the rich folks live. And Jodie Foster plays a government official who hates immigrants. Do you get it? I’m guessing you won’t see ads for this on Fox News.
  • I have taken to live-tweeting a movie from my collection every Sunday night around 9-ish (hit up @thereaderfilm if you want to join in). Last week I did Attack the Block and lamented how we’ve had three Adam Sandler movies and zero movies from Block director Joe Cornish. Well, just this week Cornish was confirmed to helm Snow Crash, an adaptation of the beloved (and believed to be unfilmable) cyberpunk novel. The only thing more exciting than this news is the discovery that my tweets have the power I always suspected. Take that, Lady Gaga!
  • To celebrate The Godfather’s 40th anniversary, they are making a Monopoly version of the film. While I’m decidedly more in favor of games based on movies than movies based on games (how did Battleship work out there, Hollywood?), I am secretly hopeful that the game has rules like “if someone lands on your property and can’t pay: kill them.” Family game night never sounded so fun.

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