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Dollar, dollar bills, y’all. That’s what Film Streams’ Ruth Sokolof Theater is rollin’ in after their fundraiser featuring Alexander Payne and David O. Russell. Feature VI raised an eye-popping $328,000 for the nonprofit theater that has helped single-handedly resurrect film as art in Omaha. That total is a new record, which shouldn’t stop you from donating and supporting because they deserve all of the moneys. Congrats to a great theater and great people.

I’ve been a fan of how Christoph Waltz has managed to do more than simply become Hollywood’s go-to bad guy. That said, it was kind of inevitable that he would one day be a Bond villain, right? In the 24th 007 film, Waltz will try to off Jimmy once and for all. I am completely sure he will and this will be the last Bond film ever.

Honestly, it’s like Aaron Sorkin goes around trying to find the absolute least interesting source material he can to make movies from. First it was Facebook (The Social Network), then it was baseball finances (Moneyball) and now comes word he’s adapting “Molly’s Game,” about a real-life underground poker game in Los Angeles. Oh. Wow. Poker… Let’s hope he can find a way to contain the energy of slowly turning over cards with stacking poker chips.

It’s too early to celebrate, as Warner Bros/DC Comics can and will screw things up at any point in the development process, but things are looking good for Wonder Woman. News broke this week that the front runner for the director’s job is Michelle MacLaren, who has directed some of the best episodes of “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad.” Instead of giving the job to one of the whopping three or four female directors people can actually name, I’m all about bringing another woman into the big-time with a project like this. Of course, this is DC we’re talking about, so the whole project could turn to farts in an eye blink. 

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