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  • Considering that film critics these days are given all the respect of a well-written Yelp review, this bit of news made me smile. Producer Michael De Luca recently revealed that Boogie Nights, an absolute masterpiece that put director Paul Thomas Anderson on the map, almost went straight to video. Who saved it? Critics. Rave reviews from the New York Film Festival kept the movie off the VHS shelf and in theaters. Remember, in those pre-Netflix, “be kind, rewind” days, straight-to-video was a synonym for “dead on arrival.” See! Movie reviewers do good things! Okay, not like “actually reform society” good things, but neat stuff! We do neat stuff!
  • Sure, one is now Batman and the other did butt stuff with Michael Douglas on TV, but you can’t break Ben Affleck and Matt Damon up! The duo is partnering together to produce Sleeper, which is based on the bad-ass comic from Ed Brubaker about a guy who can absorb and pass on pain and works in the underworld. Who knows if they’ll write, direct or star, but the important thing is that this generation’s Bert and Ernie are still together.
  • Irdis Elba is now confirming that he met with Marvel Studios about playing the tough-as-nails, completely awesome Luke Cage in a movie. Here’s what I can’t understand: why is this news item not “Idris Elba is playing Luke Cage for Marvel Studios?” FIX IT!
  • If you’d like to worry about how wrong-headed Warner Bros and DC Comics may be about the upcoming movie that pits Batman versus Superman, I give you the following: The studio just registered a series of domain names that suggest they are being considered for the title. All have the prefix “Man of Steel:” and then something horrible. Battle the Knight, Beyond Darkness, Black of Knight, Darkness Falls, Knight Falls, Shadow of the Night, The Blackest Hour and The Darkness Within are all in the running. I was hoping they’d choose something that would convey a serious and dark tone… 

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