Cutting Room for September 7

  • Unlike Jim Croce, I have not yet fallen in love with a “Roller Derby Queen,” but Aksarben Cinema ( is trying to help me swoon for a bad-ass beauty by screening the documentary Derby Baby: A Story of Love, Addiction and Rink Rash on Tuesday Sept 18 at 7 pm. Omaha Rollergirls will be available for autographs before and after the film. Just remember to be respectful because those gals have got wicked awesome forearm shivers. Then, on Sept 26 at 6 pm, Aksarben is screening More than a Game, a documentary about LeBron James and his high-school teammates. Coach Dru Joyce, who was Bron-Bron’s coach before he was “the chosen one,” will be there for a Q&A, so you can ask things like “What kind of an egomaniac gives himself a nickname like ‘King’ James?”
  • Although he’s never done it before, rumor has it that Christopher Nolan is releasing a director’s cut when The Dark Knight Rises hits DVD and Blu-Ray. The theatrical cut wasn’t edited by studio suits demanding a specific length, but it was restricted by IMAX, which can only handle so much footage. While it’s unlikely to fix problems with the film (like generally not being that good), this is great news for people whose major complaint after leaving the nearly three hour movie was “it wasn’t long enough.”
  • When FilmDistrict, the distribution company behind Drive, picked up Spike Lee’s remake of the Korean film Old Boy, I was reminded that SPIKE LEE IS REMAKING OLD BOY! Anyone familiar with the original will understand the madness contained in knowing Josh Brolin will play the kidnapped man, Elizabeth Olsen will play the young woman he meets after his release and Sharlto Copley will play the villain. Ms. Olsen, Mr. Brolin: Good luck, and may the shower be cold enough to make you feel human again.

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