Cutting Room: Update

All families are legally obligated to watch Frozen 2; this is probably the best way to do that.

I already broke you off a piece of that Cutting Room column last week, but I am honor-bound to help families endure this season. Oh, I don’t mean the holidays, I mean Frozen 2 season. If you have children, Elsa’s gonna get you sooner or later, so I highly recommend biting the bullet (as well as free treats) for the upcoming event at Aksarben Cinema. On Saturday, Nov 23 at 10 am, the theater is holding a special premiere event that will feature “The Snow Queen” and “Nordic Princess,” which are characters that are in the public domain, so back off Mickey Mouse. Those characters will lead a story time at 10:30 am, with a sing-a-long at 11 am. And if I’m confident in one thing above all others, it is that parents want more time spent singing Frozen songs! eCreamery will be giving away free tasty treats, which is good because if I’m confident in a second thing, it is that parents want their children more sugared. Here’s the best news for parents: a spiked frozen hot chocolate will be available at the bar. See, I told you you’d want to go to this event. Tickets are $10 but access to spiked frozen hot chocolates while kids scream-sing Frozen songs is priceless.

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