• Tired of hot political arguments involving the collapse of democracy as we know it? Want to hear jovial arguing that probably won’t make you fear the future of our nation? You’re in luck! I mean, relatively speaking. Nobody has luck anymore in this, the worst possible reality. Animus: Exordium will be held at Aksarben Cinema on Thursday, July 12 at 5 pm. Dave DeMarco from Legend Comics , Abby Cape from the Omaha Public Library, Tracie Mauk from Big Canvas and Omaha Live! and I will debate at once and for all who reigns supreme: Marvel or DC! The 1877 Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Omaha Public Library Foundation, is holding this fundraising brouhaha hosted by Matt Tompkins. Tickets are $25 for 1877 Society Members and $35 for the general public and include appetizers, popcorn, a tasty beverage and the right to cast your vote for a winner in categories like Best and Worst Comic Book Movie Adaptation. Come settle this superhero score once and for all while supporting an organization dedicated to sponsoring literacy programs and other crucial library offerings. There’s a very good chance that at least one of the panelists will say something cheeky to or about me, so the price of your ticket is more than worth it!
  • On the edge of Omaha’s western cinematic frontier, a new oasis is coming! In the fall of 2019, ACX Cinema 12 will be opening on 204th and Harrison, which I’m told is an actual address despite the number 200 being involved. The theater will be operated by Main Street Theaters, which is a chain of movie-houses run by the Barstow family, who are just real nice folks. ACX stands for Aksarben Cinema Experience and not for Aggressively Cool Xylophones, which was my first guess. Reminder to be nice to our robot overlords, as the theater won’t have a traditional box office but self-serve ticketing pods. I hope they’re at least angsty teen self-serve ticketing pods, so the theater-going experience remains the same. There will be a restaurant but also, and this is the coolest part, an outdoor screening area that they’ll use when the weather permits. The idea of being able to get “fresh air” like the “doctor recommends” while still watching a movie is enough reason to drive to almost-Lincoln, where the ACX will reside!
  • The opportunity to see In the Mouth of Madness on the big screen again is enough reason to inform you about the John Carpenter Apocalypse Trilogy that will be held on July 21 at 6 pm at the Alamo Drafthouse . You’ll also be able to see Prince of Darkness and The Thing, but really those are just cherries thrown on top of the whipped cream that is the chance to see Sam Neil stumble upon the coming of monster-gods. Also, kudos to Alamo for recognizing that this of all years is the ideal time to prepare audiences for the apocalypse.

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