• Although many Americans may now opt to use a time-traveling DeLorean to prevent fairly recent events that happened in a previous November, you can watch Marty McFly selfishly visit November 1955 on the big screen again this November. Specifically, on Friday, Nov 8, film historian Bruce Crawford will once more turn the fancy Joslyn Art Museum into a movie theater for a special showing of Back to the Future. In attendance for this nostalgic presentation of the sure-to-be-remade-soon-so-see-it-before-they-replace-your-memories classic will be writer/producer Bob Gale and Harry Waters Jr, who played Marvin Gaye’s brother in the film. Tickets are $24 and are available at local-area Hy-Vee stores, and more information is available at omahafilmevent.com. Come and celebrate the most beloved film to ever feature both plutonium and horrifyingly literal Freudian nightmares! 
  • Warning: This blurb will be filled with an obnoxious amount of references, just as you wish. You see, the 1877 Society’s annual Animus fundraiser this year is downright inconceivable. That’s right, you’ll have fun, and I mean it (with or without a peanut): The Princess Bride is the subject of this year’s verbal brawl! On Oct 25, after a screening of that truly perfect film, I will debate Jane Skinner, a youth specialist for the Omaha Public Library and current candidate for state auditor, to determine whether the book or movie version of William Goldman’s classic reigns supreme! The event is designed to benefit literacy programs and other services at the library, and full information is available at 1877society.org. I cannot deceptively use my left hand, but I may try speaking only out of the left side of my mouth for the first part of the debate. Please come, but do beware of my ROUSs (rationalizations of unusual stupidity).
  • Putting the “grand” in Grand Island, the Prairie Lights Film Festival is happening Oct 12-14 at the historic Grand Theatre. Featuring a whoppin’ 38 films and 6 different filmmaker Q&As, weekend passes are just $10! Why, that’s slightly less than what you’d pay to voluntarily watch Bradley Cooper act, if you chose to see A Star Is Born this weekend! Tickets and more information are available at prairielightsfilmfest.com/. Get thee to Grand Island! That’s a phrase uttered only slightly more than “I love to watch Bradley Cooper act!”
  • The first event of the eleventy billion that Film Streams has in October (insert meme of guy labeled Film Streams looking over his shoulder at a woman labeled October while a woman labeled November looks angry and hurt) is an evening with Tamara Jenkins. On Oct 11 at 7 pm, Jenkins will be chatting with Alexander Payne after a screening of her new movie, Private Life. Featuring Paul Giamatti and the criminally underrated Kathryn Hahn, it’s a dramedy about fertility, which seems perfectly timed right now. Get your tickets now so that you can hear Payne and Jenkins chat! It’ll be Giamatteriffic! 
  • It sure feels like these last few years have been leading up to one momentous event this fall that will determine the future of this country. Of course, I’m talking about the 100th anniversary of Willa Cather’s My Antonia. Thankfully, Film Streams (filmstreams.org) has us all covered with a one-of-a-kind celebration (ragin’ Cather kegger?) scheduled for Oct 14 at 2 pm. Screenwriter Victoria Riskin and Cather scholar Dr. Charles Johanningsmeier will join Willa Cather Foundation Executive Director Ashley Olson for a discussion about the 1995 TV movie adaptation. You get a copy of My Antonia and cake. If you can think of something better than getting a novel and celebratory cake, your decadent debauchery is shameful.
  • On Oct 18 at 7 pm, Film Streams is welcoming “that one guy from that thing.” That’s a silly way of saying that Michael Stuhlbarg, an amazing talented actor you’ll recognize from a billion things when you Google his name, will be attending a screening of A Serious Man and participating in a post-show Q&A. Last year, dude was in three best picture nominees and the amazing third season of Fargo, which makes his 2017 better than literally everyone else’s. You can also see Stuhlbarg participate in a free discussion and Q&A on Oct 19 from 10-11 am at UNO’s College of Public Affairs and Community Service building, room 101. Now that’s one heck of a Stuhlbargain!
  • You know an event is going to be good when they tell you that you can only buy two tickets at once. You want three tickets to see the special screening of My Name Is Khan, a film that has nothing to do with Ricardo Montalbon or Benedict Cumberbatch? Tell it to Captain Kirk, buddy. You only get TWO tickets per patron at most to attend the Oct 23 screening at 7 pm (get em here). And how much are those tickets? Just like Starfleet wants to keep the universe: Free. Supported by the Creighton Global Initiative, the film features Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Devgan in a tale about a man with Asperger’s syndrome journeying across America. Can you warp through Bollywood stars? I don’t think so! 
  • You know how you still have nightmares about being enrolled in a class you don’t remember signing up for? Now imagine that class is about haunted houses. This helldream is brought to you by Cursed QuartersFilm Streams‘ next offering in Courses, a series of seminars run by Film Streams Education Director Diana Martinez, PhD. It runs from Oct 23 to Nov 20, registration is now open, and only 25 participants can sign up. Just promise me if you do sign up, you’ll go and remember to wear clothing. Because as bad as the “How am I so far behind in this class I don’t remember taking” dreams are, “Where are my pants?!” dreams are worse.
  • You know how seeing live music is good and also seeing movies is good? The braniacs at Film Streams have figured out that a combination of the two is also good. On Oct 25 at 7 pm, the Alloy Orchestra is going to perform its score for Fritz Lang’s silent masterpiece, Metropolis. If you haven’t seen the classic science-fiction film that inspired pretty much every sci-fi movie in the history of ever, it’s just okay! But if you combine the arty visuals with a live musical performance, it’s something truly special. Tickets are $16 for general admission, $14 for students, seniors, teachers and military, and $12 for Film Streams Members, which seems like a hell of a bargain for BOTH music AND a movie. That’s TWO good things at once, did I cover that?
  • Each year, the Alamo Drafthouse makes David S. Pumpkins look like a spandex-wearing pumpkin-head in its embrace of all hallow’s eve. This year, they are cramming your bulging candy sack full of horror goodness for every day of the month, including screenings of Beetlejuice (Oct 8), Bubba Ho-Tep (Oct 12), Phantasm (Oct 23) and Suspiria (Oct 30), along with 27 others (because that’s how math works). I promise you that you will find a horror movie you want to see on the big screen on their list, unless you’re exhausted by the thought of more horror after simply living through 2018…

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