I feel like this particular blog post is like running into an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend (or, if you’re lucky…both) months after a mutual breakup. I have this overwhelming urge to thrust my hands deep in my pockets to avoid nervous gestures (I get really handsy when I’m worked up) and a desire to look down at the ground and mumble questions you’d ask of a total stranger and not of someone you have seen naked (“Hey, how’s things?” or “How have you been?”). But let’s do this…let’s talk for a minute about what happened with our relationship, you and me.

See, we shared something special. For about 3 years, we talked every single day. I poured my heart and soul all over these interwebs, all in the name of love. Whatever you told me you liked, I’d try to give you more. If you showed even the slightest indication that you had a passing affinity for a particular column or subject matter, I would bend over backwards to incorporate it. But the truth is, this was killing me. It just wasn’t working.

It’s not you.

Okay, it’s totally you. See, I never seemed to really reach you. When we moved in together to this new place (our spiffy website built just for us), you all but stopped communicating with me. I mean, you used to at least comment every once and awhile. But the soul-crushing, overwhelming silence became unbearable. I couldn’t even provoke a reaction of anger no matter how hard I tried. You weren’t even laughing at Wicker Man clips with me anymore.

Yeah, you stopped laughing at THAT. I was in anguish. Am I unlovable? Am I disinteresting? Oh, Jesus…am I….NOT FUNNY? I was all the worst parts of a Michael Cera movie, as the last month was all self-doubt and insecurity. It was me trying to figure out how to get us back to the good times. I couldn’t go back to what it was, as I was spending hours upon hours a day trying to make you smile all for nothing. I realized that the fundamental foundation of this relationship was broken and would likely never be fixed. So I walked away from us, realizing that this relationship, this blog of holy matrimony we shared…was over.

It’s time for something new.

This is me, down on one knee, proposing to you the greatest change to our relationship ever. Will you…dear, dear Reader readers…will you podcast with me?

Enough relationship allegory, the story goes like this: The humor on the site wasn’t coming off well enough, I didn’t have enough of my own sources to serve as a place you’d come to find out breaking news, the exchanges and forums weren’t getting populated, and traffic had stagnated. I had no clue what the next step was. Then it hit me: I have so much fun doing Steve King’s morning show on CD105.9 every Friday at 7:30 am, why not do more of that? I love actually TALKING about movies more than anything and there’s just so much more that can be done with that format. Yes, I’m still going to do some light blogging to keep things rolling along, but I’m going to keep that to just a few times a week and only stuff that’s actually interesting instead of just loading up this site with crap nobody reads.

So that’s the big news: I’m back, but things are going to be different. My buddy Matt and I will be regaling you sometime within the next month or so with a movie-based podcast that’s going to feature a lot of the columns that used to be featured here plus a few new ones we’re dreaming up. If there are things you want us to cover, ideas for segments you’d like to propose, or really any feedback of any kind you’d like to offer, please comment below. If not, you can shoot an email to {encode=”film@thereader.com” title=”film@thereader.com”}, and I’d be happy to chat there. We’re going to do this up right, I promise. I’m really excited about it.

I hope that this is as exciting for you as it is for me. I really want to take this relationship to the next level. And by that, I mean I’m taking my shirt off.

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