ET to class up E.T. series

Let’s face it, Men in Black III is a cash grab as sure as if it involved a ski mask and pistol. I don’t care, provided they actually capitalize on the limitless idea by making with the funny…oh, and as long as there’s no song. Seriously, Big Willie, if you bust out a return to rhyme for MIBIII , I’m going to finally give Jazzy Jeff your address…and we’ll see how that turns out for you. The third installment of the unnecessary-but-potentially-cool series is getting a touch of class in the form of Emma Thompson, who is just incredibly talented as an actress and capable of looking really beautiful. What? SHE IS I SWEAR!

Okay, so the last time you saw her, she looked like this:

And the time before, she looked like this:

But believe it or not, she actually looks like this:

Yeah, I know, right? The idea is that she’s likely out of the age range for Josh Brolin and Will Smith’s love interest, because I believe the rule for male actors in movies is that you divide their age in half and round up to legal and that’s the target age of the actress paired opposite them. Thompson is also kind of not the right age for Tommy Lee Jones, who is 97 years young. So my thought is that she’s going to be the new boss. Rip Torn isn’t quite up to the task (and may or may not be in prison or rehab), so it’s likely that the MIB will answer to a WIB…although I’d prefer it if the ladies wore white, just to really balance things out. Either way, the woman is funny, talented, beautiful, and classy as all hell. What I’m saying is, this franchise just married up.

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