Fearless, Flawless Box Office Predictions

Okay gang. We’re almost at that point where we part until I’m finished with my Social Network review (spoiler alert: I press the like button). But before we separate, we must consider the dollars and cents about to be parted with by movie goers. The movie we once mocked in concept form (“A movie about Facebook…yeah, like that’ll be good”) is now set to hit the tops of the box office, riding the wave of critical buzz and the curly hair of Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake…seriously, them boys got CURLZ…with a Z yo. Less popular will be the American remake of Let the Right One In , which people who loved the original loathe for existing and people who never heard of the original have no real interest in seeing. So, much like people who spend too much time at the gym, this weekend is pretty simple.

Here’s how I see it, haiku style:

1.) The Social Network – $25 million

Much as with Facebook:

I like it, but how is it

that this makes money?

2.) Let Me In – $10 million

Why remake a gem?

Because folks hate subtitles.

“Readin’ is like work!”

3.) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – $10 million

Money never sleeps

that’s why my cash is tired.

I’ll be here all week.

4.) The Town – $9.5 million

Ben’s flick keeps rolling,

he’s now the hot director…

and has a hot wife.

5.) Legend of the Guardians – $9 million

Who went to see this?

Get it? Because owls say “who!”

Yep, still here all week.

WILDCARD – Easy A – $8 million

Good for Emma Stone!

She may soon meet with Spidey!

I wish I was there.

Okay, that’s it! I’ll be back later with my review!

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