I don’t know how many mediums they have to try before they realize that the Incredible Hulk really, truly only works as a comic or cartoon. The best version of him may well be the “Super Hero Squad” version, in fact. Yes, I’m serious. You can’t very well realistically have the kind of conflicts that occur in the monthly comic occur with actual actors. Look:

How do you make the giant green guy punch the giant lizard guy with two toes and have it look like anything near something would happen in the real world? I mean, honestly, the budget would have to be astronomical, something that the recent semi-floppy movie returns haven’t warranted. So, obviously, they’re developing a new “Incredible Hulk” television show. Good choice.

Look, I admire the moxy of Marvel to refuse to give up on their un-jolly green giant. I get it, he’s recognizable. But if it were me, I would spend some time trying to think of properties that don’t involve tons of CGI or painting steroid-users green. This is why I welcome the second half of the story, which is that they’re considering a Cloak and Dagger TV series.

The comic, which is not about an angry black man who ate a skinny white blond girl contrary to the image above, follows two teenagers who are dependent on one another. She’s the light, he’s the darkness; she can throw light daggers, he can open his cloak into another dimension of darkness. Okay, so it may be a little out there, but I think you can have some simple effects and have kind of a cool story to tell in a serialized way. Unlike “The Incredible Hulk” TV show reboot, which hasn’t been created yet and I’m pretty sure is almost canceled. Oh, and that means in the last decade, four actors will have played the Hulk. Five if they lather up another body builder in green spray paint for the series. That’s a lot of Hulks. I know it’s a murder of crows and a gaggle of geese, but what’s a bunch of Hulks? A horde?

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