Is this comic movie bizarro day?

There is literally exactly ONE way I would be excited for X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Part Deux , and that’s if Darren Aronofsky signed on to…MOTHERFU…are you kidding me right now? Darren Aronofsky is seriously circling this movie? For realz? What’s next, Martin Scorsese doing Daredevil ? Actually, that would be awesome, he should do that. Seriously though, this makes a measure of sense in the insanity: Hugh Jackman worked with DA on The Fountain , a criminally underrated visual poem that’s dismissed as snooty when it’s really gut-wrenchingly earnest. Plus, DA needs a bank-account-padder to keep making his crazy stuff. Beyond both of those, this guy seems to want to make a comic book movie. Between Batman and Superman , not to mention the non-comic-but-still-nerd-related Robocop saga he got embroiled in, it’s clear this dude is determined to try something like this. My biggest concern is that he’s working with the douche-legion at Fox. They so badly rogered that last Wolvie go-round that hiring the best director in the business right now is only moderately turning me on to the project. They are going to straight-up Kathy-Bates-in- Misery hobble him. The Japanese setting and bizarre mental backstory does allow some room for cool visual interpretation, but that’s provided he gets a story that isn’t as grotesque as Rush Limbaugh’s politics. It’s possible that this is somehow awesome, but it’s definite that it’s interesting. So kudos if this deal goes through, I will officially move the project from “Oh God, Oh God It Burns” to “Warning: May Cause Mental Diarrhea” in my list of upcoming movies.

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