Locally cinematic: Get to Aksarben Cinema for Burn!

It’s the middle of the week. You’ve got nothing to do but pine away for the weekend and endure whatever slop the networks throw on their free airspace during the summer months. Well, that…OR you can go to Aksarben Cinema for Burn, which is an experience not as uncomfortable as the documentary title suggests. Wednesday (June 5) and Thursday (June 6) at 7:30 pm, Aksarben is showing this compelling documentary about firefighters in Detroit. Although the film takes place in the Motor City, it resonates across the entire country during a time when public funding, even for things like safety, is at a premium. Tickets are $15 now and are available here (or $20 day of show). Why so much? Proceeds go to buy the aformentioned Detroit firefighters the gear they need to not, you know, burst into flames when trying to save someone’s home. It’s the little things, you know?

Category: Cutting Room, Film

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