Movieha! – Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast

Episode 63 - Stop talking about Batman!

NEW MOVIEHA?! I won’t keep you from a discussion of the trailer for Grabbers, the Aurora shooting, Grabbers,The Dark Knight Rises, or Tyrannosaur. We talk about   stuff, you listen to us talk about stuff. It’s a good deal. Hit us up after you listen for a few trailers.

On Your Radar: Grabbers

I love creature features. This looks like a throwback. I like throwbacks. So long as they aren’t evolutionary throwbacks. Check it out, yo. Oh, and TENTACLES AND YOU SURVIVE IF YOU DRINK!

Netflix Roulette: Visioneers

I won’t say I like Zach Galifiankais, but he is magnetic. So try to resist his pull in the following:


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