Movieha! Your Favorite Movie Podcast

Episode 96 - Ryan NO MORE?!?!

Hello Movie-ha-ers,

I regret to inform you that there has been a coup. While I was busy with the MavForensics team, which is the University of Nebraska’s competitive speech team, Matt Lockwood overthrew me. I was watching 11 of the most passionate advocates of verbal activism in the country place 6th in the nation, their 4th consecutive top 10 finish despite a smaller budget and team than the majority of the top 20, and Matt replaced me with a paper dictator. Dave DeMarco, formerly my dear friend turned usurper of my crown, has “filled in” this week. Rest assured, I will not rest until I once more sit before the microphone of power to entertain you. But until then, enjoy this unauthorized episode of Movieha that I will call “MovieHUH?”