Welcome audio explorers! This week your two intrepid (that means vulgar, right?) hosts discuss the finer points of turtle fighting and the acceptable mourning time before a reboot, reveal our new favorite word for hobo, pass the new Tom Cruise movie like a kidney stone, christen a cult classic in Netflix Roulette, and write you some poetry. What more do you want from us?!

Didgeri-Don’t Miss It (the segment formerly known as On Your Radar): Bindlestiffs

If you don’t get the joke that’s involved in this segment’s name change…well, I don’t blame you. It’s weird, obscure, and probably not factual. But it was funny to us. And seeing as how we never really hear substantial feedback, we figure we are our own most devoted fans. Speaking of narcissism, Kevin Smith is distributing small movies now, movies he didn’t even make. The first is this one, which actually seems quite funny. For no good reason it reminds me of Noah Baumbach’s Kicking and Screaming. Then again, most things do. Give the trailer a watch and determine if I’m crazy (spoiler alert: I am).

Netflix Roulette: Griff the Invisible

We don’t watch “True Blood.” Mostly because we don’t spend time on things that are terrible if we can help it. I am told the star of this movie appears in that show. I will try not to hold it against him. This is another tale of an average Joe who gets his superhero on. I wish I was tired of these. But I’m not. Here’s hoping this has 100% less Ellen Page “gush.” That was for you, Super fans.

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