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Episode 46 - Wet Explosion

Hey, hey, hey. We’re back up in your ears with a new episode jam packed to the gills with a discussion of 21 Jump Street (which was surprisingly good!), The Sound of My Voice trailer (which is super awesome!), news about the Ninja Turtles (which is stunningly lame!) and Jack Ryan (which is stunningly neutral!), Poolboy (which is mind-numbingly enjoyable to one of us!), and Hakus (which are supercalifragalisticexpialidocious!). Listen up and then meet me on the other side for the trailers, yo!

On Your Radar: The Sound of My Voice

This is how I like my sci-fi best: subtle and smart. Oh hell, who am I kidding, I’ll gobble up dumb and obvious sci-fi like a malnourished hungry, hungry hippo. Still, this looks goooood.

Netflix Roulette: Strigoi

I’m about to find out how I feel about darkly comedic supernatural material set in Romania. Join me.

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