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Episode 59 - Never go "full Lockwood"

Friday is the holiest of all days to those of us who grind out a 9-5 schedule. And thus, it is the day your ears get blessed with new Movieha! This week, Matt and I ramble on about the significance of movie rankings (like stars and letter grades), pontificate on Popeye, consider How to Stop a Plague, marvel over Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, mildly disagree about Griff the Invisible, and get our haiku on. What are you waiting for? Meet me on the other side for one trailer EVERYONE should see and one trailer NO ONE should admit to seeing!

Didgeri-don’t Miss It – How to Survive a Plague

Gay rights matter quite a bit to me, as some of those closest to me have been persecuted simply for the way they were born. For those of us who take such things seriously, who do not see this as any kind of frivolous movement but a much needed social revolution, check out the documentary below.

Netflix Roulette: Nude Nuns with Big Guns

If this doesn’t drive up our page views, I’m out of options.

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