Muppet-lover’s delight

And a good Friday morning to you, my bloggy devotees. As I may have mentioned one or one thousand times, I have yet to get my bearings on this week and, oh look at that, now it’s Friday. Oh well, I suppose being immortal means I don’t have to care about flushing a week of my life down the toilet because I couldn’t get my head right. Hmm? What’s that? I’m NOT immortal? Really? Well, I guess the only thing that will comfort me about throwing precious life away like a half-eaten burrito is more muppet news.

As I told you last week, former “Hooters” girl (hey, that’s a less shameful introduction than “star of Leap Year “) Amy Adams was considering whether to join one of two art films or star in the new Muppet Movie . She chose well.

The delightful redhead is now among my favorite humans, as she has decided to forgo the flesh in favor of felt and fur! And she’s not alone. I reveal to you the muppety villain!

I think that short, buzz-haired, black and white Chris Cooper is the scariest…but blonde, thinning-haired Chris Cooper does also want to eat my face.

Don’t worry, though, there’s another cutie to combat the Coop.

That’s Rashida Jones, and she will be bringing her delightful brand of sweet whimsy and adorableness alongside Amy Adams and a slew of creatures that have hands inside of them. Folks, this Muppet movie is happening, and I could not be happier about it. Okay, if I were in it, if muppets were real, and if I hung out with Rashida Jones and Amy Adams, I could be happier.

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