First off, happy Friday. All you have to do is make it another few hours and you are granted your weekend reprieve…which you will undoubtedly use doing stuff that is not reprieving (I may have just made that word up).

Second, this is the adorable Aubrey Plaza, who has a name as quirky as her lovably cute look.

Look at her. She snuggles with cats whilst wearing whimsical leggings while sitting atop what may or may not be the body of a dead hipster. How great is that? You may recognize her from “Parks and Recreation.” You may know her from Scott Pilgrim vs the World . If you know her from Mystery Team , I love you and we need to hang out more. She is the EXACT type of actress I want to be uber-famous. She has a reasonably proportioned, non-wafer-thin body, a unique sense of style, great comic timing, and a subtle delivery. More please. Well, studios have listened, as she will star in The Hand Job , which will not be called that. The script, which has gotten tons of great press, follows a high school graduate who decides she needs more sexual experience before going to college. It’s a raunchy comedy…WITH A GIRL IN THE LEAD?! Oh my God! Will the universe implode? I mean, we’re talking about letting WOMEN be FUNNY and talk FRANKLY about sex? FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE?!?! Obviously, this sounds to me like the most refreshingly good idea regarding teen comedies in forever. I look forward to seeing it when it’s called something else entirely. Seriously, can you see asking “Can I get two for The Hand Job .”

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