This weekend, movie audiences spoke…and they loudly declared “We are somewhat interested in the development of social media but not to the point where it’s like a phenomenon or anything but just the appropriate amount of curiosity!” Wow, what a statement! Let Me In got shut out, the creepy owls dug in their talons, and The Town continues to look like it’s maybe a $100 million movie waiting to happen…and don’t sleep on Easy A , as that $8 million gem keeps pulling audiences in even in its third week (probably because it’s awesome). Let’s take a quick deeper look, haiku style:

1.) The Social Network – $23 million (Accuracy of prediction – 95.5%)

A nice opening

for a movie with unknowns.

No offense, J.T.

2.) The Legend of the Guardians – $11 million (Accuracy of prediction – 60.5%)

Well, this is good news!

We’ve downgraded from major

to minor failure!

3.) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – $10 million (Accuracy of prediction – 100%)

Money never sleeps?

Like, not even a catnap?

That sucks for money.

4.) The Town – $10 million (Accuracy of prediction – 97.5%)

You can’t stop Affleck,

you can only insult him.

Keep it up Big Ben!!!

5.) Easy A – $7 million (Accuracy of prediction – 93%)

Emma Stone kicks ass.

She deserves this huge success.

I deserve a kiss!!!

Overall accuracy of prediction – 89%

This would be higher

if it wasn’t for the owls.

Damn you, dirty birds!

Okay, that’s it gang. Happy Monday. Stay alive out there.

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