Weekend Box Office Results: Holy crap did you like Paranormal Activity 2

Well, I can safely say no one saw THIS coming. In a move that ensures we will be watching new low-budget Paranormal Activity movies for at least another few installments, America turned out in droves for the sequel to a film that I honestly can’t believe ever got screened in the first place. Also, Red held well, Hereafter is not long for this world, and Jackass 3D plummeted but is still on pace for the $100 million club. Let’s take a closer, mathematical look, shall we?

Haikus ahoy!

1.) Paranormal Activity 2 – $41.5 million (Accuracy of prediction – 86.5%)

You know what this means?

Just as Saw is closing up,

this will take its place.

2.) Jackass 3D – $21.5 million (Accuracy of prediction – 96.5%)

So, how many times,

can you watch poo and vomit

in the theater?

3.) Red – $15 million (Accuracy of prediction – 93%)

This was a nice hold

for folks losing hair and teeth.

Get it? They are old.

4.) Hereafter – $12 million (Accuracy of prediction – 100%)

Eastwood thinks on death.

That’s really not surprising.

He just shouldn’t share.

5.) The Social Network – $7.5 million (Accuracy of prediction – 96.5%)

People still click like

on the flick with a great script

and no good women.

Overall Accuracy of Prediction – 94.5%

Perhaps my best week.

That’s not saying all that much,

But I will take it.

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