Cutting Room for July 2019

  • Paul Giamatti, who is remembered best (by me) as the bad guy from Shoot ‘Em Up, is reteaming with Alexander Payne. Oh, not for something as pedestrian as Sideways 2: The Ways of the Side. The duo will be reunited for Feature VIII, the annual fundraising event for Film Streams. Tickets are on sale for the event to be held on Sunday, Aug. 25. Come support the most wildly cinematic nonprofit in Omaha while listening to America’s sweetheart, Paul Giamatti, answer questions about his most beloved roles, like Dr. Lawrence Hayes in San Andreas!
  • If you prefer your Q&As with a bit more gore, head to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Omaha on Tuesday, July 16, at 7 p.m. for a screening of Night of the Creeps with director Fred Dekker. That’s right, the same guy whose brain birthed Monster Squad will be chatting about his campy, body-horror cult classic. Boy, do I miss the days when “body horror” referred to David Cronenberg movies and not daily news about what’s being done to restrict women’s health.
  • This isn’t so much a surprise as it is exceedingly good news: Halloween is coming back. No, I’m not referring to the fact Target is already stocking black pumpkins to court white suburbanites privileged enough to see fear as a fun escape. Writer/director David Gordon Green is allegedly reteaming with Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer for another psycho stalker slasher. I could not give less of a crap what conceit they use to resurrect Monsieur Myers, so long as they once more capture the trashy 1980s esthetic while delivering genuine empowerment.
  • Speaking of the need for empowerment, a new study found that women in indie film productions hit a historic high! Now they’re outnumbered by men only 2-to-1 … Hooray? The study from San Diego State University found that the percentage of women directors in indie flicks grew 4 percent last year, writers and executive producers increased 6 percent, and editors edged up 2 percent. So, that’s it! We’ve done it! We’ve solved sex- and gender-based inequality in filmmaking! Somebody drop the “Mission Accomplished” banner! All jokes aside, it is encouraging to see growth, but the fact that these small increases represent an “all-time high” is as sobering as it is exciting. No need to wait for a study of Hollywood’s representation numbers, as I believe that just looks like a picture of Max Landis.

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