Other 2012 prognostications may pale in comparison to the Mayans pointing to the heavens and calling their apocalyptic shot, but Quetzalcoatl ain’t got nothin’ on me! I, for one, reject armageddon, and offer you these three humble predictions.

Three shall enter, one shall leave

Given Nebraska’s frostbite addiction, I doubt I’ll get many arguments on skipping ahead to next summer,  when short shorts will be donned and a bat, a spider and  a legion of adults dressed like sex shop workers will battle one another for box office supremacy. The retooled, rebooted and largely redundant Amazing Spider-man is set to square off against the meticulously planned Avengers and the uber-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. While it may be possible for all three to reel in more than the gross domestic product of several mid-sized countries, my prediction is that only director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy-concluding epic will break records and lay claim to the summer throne.

Prediction one: The bat will best the bug and beat the brawny boys.

We won’t cross the streams

As a wise and doughy Dan Aykroyd once philosophically opined, crossing streams is “bad.” This is the very reason why, despite CEO Reed Hastings’ best efforts to make us hate his company, Netflix is going to be just fine, thanks. More than 20 million members are currently playing in its stream, and a recent study revealed that Americans spent more than twice as much time on Netflix than rival Hulu, a gap that is actually widening over the last few months. Although it was obscured by the price hike kerfuffle and the Qwikster whoopsie-daisy, the Netflix-ers actually had their eye on the prize, realizing that the future is not in hard copies of DVDs but in digital domain. The short-term has been hella harsh,  but the choice to seek out a new model before being put out to pasture is exactly the reason this company will flourish in 2012 and beyond.

Prediction two: Netflix narrowly nixed nonsense and now nudges nearer to nailing it!

Home-grown goodness

Is it really a prediction anymore to propose that Film Streams will rivet us in the coming year with awesome Q&As, uniquely relevant fare and creative events? Nah. But I’ll predict that anyway, so give me credit for that. Likewise, I expect increasingly awesome things from the Omaha Film Festival, which seems to grow by leaps and bounds every year in terms of execution, audience turnout and actual content. Add to that the fact that Aksarben Theater is on-the-rise in terms of both audience-friendly management, including contests and such, and you have a recipe for another great year in Omaha. But I’ll do you one better: I’m calling nominations in at least five major categories for The Descendants. That’s right, five: Picture, actor (George Clooney), director(Alexander Payne), writer (Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash and supporting actress (Shailene Woodley). Don’t be surprised if our native son surfs an impending wave of momentum to a few wins!

Prediction three: Omaha’s own will only offer overwhelming opportunities!

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