Welcome to the second of two podcastical experiences we have birthed through our mouth wombs this week! We had a crossover with Two-Headed Nerd this week to discuss X-Men: First Class …which was a rambunctious display of verbal tomfoolery in which everyone got really animated and loud. It’s kind of like hanging out with the four of us at any given time. What you see below this text is our official seventh episode of Movieha, in which we talk a lot about Matt Damon and nuclear war. Those things may or may not be related, you’ll have to listen. Oh, and I may suggest that Michael Bay is a proponent of blackface. Needless to say, this is perhaps our finest hour. Listen up and then let’s reunite on the other side.


Box Office Haikus

Here are last week’s results along with my patented formula that reveals my predictive accuracy:

Box Office June 3-5

1.) X-Men: First Class – $55 million (Accuracy of prediction – 86.5%)

2.) The Hangover Part II – $31 million (Accuracy of prediction – 77.5%)

3.) Kung Fu Panda – $21 million (Accuracy of prediction – 93%)

4.) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $18 million (Accuracy of prediction – 100%)

5.) Bridesmaids – $12 million (Accuracy of prediction – 92%)

Overall accuracy of prediction – 90%

I squeaked out an A

like I clenched before a fart.

Still smells great to me.

Now, on to this week’s predictions!

Box Office Predictions for June 10-12

1.) Super 8 – $35 million

If you hate this film

I feel quite sorry for you.

You are dead inside.

2.) X-Men: First Class – $25 million

This deserves better

We can’t let the best X-film

make the least money.

3.) The Hangover Part 2 – $15 million

Looks like this hit big

but people aren’t coming back.

We’ll still get one more…

4.) Kung Fu Panda 2 – $15 million

It’s hanging in there.

Where are the other kid movies?

Panda’s all alone…

5.) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $9 million

I won’t miss this one…

Get out of my top 5…NOW!

And don’t you come back.

On Your Radar: Ninja Kids Trailer

We have two versions of this Takashi Miike insanity: subtitled and non-subtitled. Either way, you’ll get a sense of the madness that, for once, doesn’t feature Miike doing unspeakable things on screen. At least I hope not…those kids seem sweet.

I may prefer the odd subtitles here: “He fell down.” That’s good writing…

Netflix Roulette: 11 Minutes Ago

I won’t lie to you, while I’m interested in the concept (which sounds like a high-concept, big-budget Katherine Heigl movie), it looks…um…well…the production value is…um…well, let’s just say that the trailer even brags that it was all shot in one day. I don’t know if that’s bragging or if that’s an explanation for how it sounds and looks…we may be in trouble in this week’s game of Netflix Roulette.

That’s it for this week. Thanks again for all your support! Please sign up for our RSS feed HERE, download our podcasts and rave about us in the comments section of iTunes HERE, follow us on Twitter HERE, and become a fan of us on Facebook HERE! And as always, email any comments and concerns to {encode=”movieha@gmail.com” title=”movieha@gmail.com”}. And remember, if you don’t voice a vote for Insta-sequel, Matt wins. And that’s just not fair.

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