“With great junk, comes great responsibility” – Better Off Ted

1.) Cruise Hataway of rocking


2.) Now that he’s fixed California…


3.) I owe this woman

David Ellison appeared in Flyboys, was trying to get that Taylor Lautner movie Northern Lights made, and he put up some of the money for Paramount films like True Grit and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. His 25-year old sister Megan is following in his footsteps, and is also listed as an exec producer on True Grit. She’s one of the people who put up money for John Hillcoat’s The Wettest County in the World, thereby bringing that film back from limbo. And now it looks as if she is ready to co-finance not one Paul Thomas Anderson project, but two: the film referred to as The Master and the Thomas Pynchon adaptation Inherent Vice

4.) Fearless, flawless Box Office Predictions

1.) Just Go With It – $32 million

A bossy title

prompts me to give a response.

I WON’T go with it!

2.) Never Say Never – $29 million

This title I like,

Because, with all things Bieber

I use “never” tons…

3.) Gnomeo and Juliet – $17 million

Hey, William Shakespeare

your play now has gnomes in it.

I’m so glad you’re dead.

4.) The Eagle – $8 million

If this had “Eddie”

I would totally see it.

Gladiator Lite.

5.) The Roommate – $7 million

It won’t win this week

but as far as I’m concerned

Kelly is on top.

WILDCARD – The King’s Speech – $6 million

This won’t go away

Especially come Oscars…

How irritating.

5.) Trailers, parked

X-Men First Class


The Prodigies

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