The Baby-Sitters Club Now Streaming on Netflix

Omahan Rachel Shukert brings book series to the screen for a new gen

Playwright and memoirist Rachel Shukert of Omaha always seemed destined for big things. Her breakout success as a writer, executive story editor and supervising producer with the female wrestling dramedy series “GLOW” proved it. Now she is writing and executive producing a new hit series, “The Baby-Sitters Club,” on Netflix.

Rachel Shukert

 Satire is her thing. She found success in the New York theater scene with her plays “Bloody Mary,” “Everything’s Coming Up Moses” and “The Three Gabor Sisters” and with the live, prime-time soap opera, “Wasp Cove,” a collaboration with Julie Klausner (“Difficult People”).

She generated buzz with her snarky memoirs “Everything Is Going To Be Great” and “Have You No Shame?” and as a witty contributing writer for Salon, McSweeney’s, Slate, Gawker, the Daily Beast, Heeb and Nerve. She’s also contributed to the anthologies “Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists” and “Best American Erotic Poetry: 1800 to the Present.” Plus, her work’s been featured on National Public Radio.

So, it wasn’t like she came out of nowhere when she landed her first major television writing gig on “Supergirl” in 2015. “GLOW” quickly followed. Now she’s a player with “Baby-Sitters Club,” her adaptation of the popular Ann M. Martin young adult fiction series.

A season two depends on renewal, which fans are lobbying for. Meanwhile, her 2020 teleplay for “The Red Lake” episode of the fantasy drama web series “Cursed” is yet another feathered credit in her over-stuffed cap.

Check out the official Netflix Futures BSC teaser on Youtube.



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