Twitter Wars: A New Nope

Why Hollywood screenwriter Max Landis hates me



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I was actually following Lexi on Twitter at the time (for my sins) and just so happened to be online when the initial nonsense with Landis went down (so I witnessed it all happen in real time), and I have to say, your "reporting" of it is laughably inaccurate.

Time is limited, so I'll just go into this bit:

"So, that night, when Max came after German/Palestinian director and personal hero Lexi Alexander, I lost my ever-loving shit. Do you know what Alexander had the audacity to do? Block Max on Twitter. That’s all. Block him. In the most nonthreatening, nonaggressive, safe, protective fashion, she simply made it so he could not have a clearly unwanted conversation with her. And Max lost his goddamn mind [...] He made a video."

That is patently not what happened. What *did* happen was that Lexi, clearly with an axe to grind, went on a dozen-tweet-long rant about Landis. Since it happened a year ago I can't quite remember all of it, but the terms "a real-life Ramsay Bolton," "the Donald Trump of Hollywood, but even worse" and "this Mary Sue will break his spine if she ever meets him" were definitely in there, as well as stuff about his father and vague allusions to rape. Oh, and in the middle of said rant she also retweeted someone saying "Landis' career is proof that Jews run Hollywood." (Anti-Semitism yay!) Landis tweeted something like "why are you doing this?" to her, she promptly blocked and 5 mins later had deleted all her tweets about him from her timeline. And *that's* what led Landis to post his idiotic youtube video to her (which, if you watch it (as I just did, to refresh my memory), was *not* about his being blocked, but the shit she was saying about him). That;s about the point I turned off my computer and went on with my life, so if anything further happened that day, I'm unaware of it.

I don't even like Max Landis (if I ever met him, I'm 100% sure we would not get along) and find him hilariously easy to mock, but wilfully misleading hit pieces like this just make me more sympathetic towards him. Urgh.

Eva more than 2 years ago