A Bloody Mary is an art form with an edgy but appropriate name. Each establishment has its unique version of the cocktail featuring varying degrees of flavor and spices. They pair well with fried foods and those famous drupes called olives.

Omaha, a city known for its restaurant and bars per capita, is bound to have several superb spots and hidden gems where one can find the best Bloody Mary in the world. This guide will feature ten establishments where you cannot go wrong in ordering this classy drink on a whim.

Report In Pub
If you can appreciate chicken wings in your Bloody Mary, you will surely understand the appeal of Report In. Found on Facebook page

Report In Pub

The most obvious contender for the best Bloody Mary in Omaha is Report In, which has always taken mature pride in its Giant Bloody Mary. These drinks – that is, if you can refer to them as merely that and ignore the mountain of food that you must work through while imbibing one – are presented as art and are perfect for drinkers who love toppings. It may not be from the farmer’s market, but it’s entirely wholesome.

Here, 36 oz. of savory and mouthwatering Bloody Mary mixture mingles with a quarter-pound hamburger slider, chicken wings, onion rings, a fried pickle, and a strip of bacon. Each solid food seems to out-do the other as one advances through their meal/drink, and that beautiful blend between food and drink highlights the synergy between the bartenders and kitchen staff.

Simply put, Report In is a comfortable space to hang out in and enjoy legendary Bloody Marys for as long as you want. It comes as no surprise why they are the recipient of 2021 Best Of Omaha Bloody Mary award.

Krug Park
Krug Park takes its name from an amusement park that first opened in Benson over 120 years ago. Found on Facebook page

Krug Park

Krug Park may not serve food, but they objectively sell one of the best Bloody Mary experiences in town, if not the very best. Add the most extensive menu of Bloody Mary drinks in the city, with fifteen cocktail variations on the menu and same-day pickup delivery services, and you have yourself a gold mine. Still, Krug Park is mainly known for its beer selection, demonstrated by its Readers Recommend status.

For example, aside from the titular Classic Bloody Mary that’s paired with hearty beef jerky, Krug Park offers a striking example of the lesser-known sister drink, Bloody Maria, which notably features tequila instead of vodka. Imagine the endless intrigue of a newcomer who comes across the Thai or Garden Bell Pepper Bloody Marys on the menu – featuring vodka infused with Thai seasonings and bell peppers, respectively. Are you not curious?

Everything about Krug Park is next-level. There are several creative variants of the Bloody Mary to suck down, and if you want to take a little piece of it home with you via one elegantly made-to-go drink, you have that right.

Jake's Cigars and Spirits
Yes, you can smoke in this pub. Found on Facebook page

Jake’s Cigars & Spirits

Jake’s Cigars & Spirits is well known to most Nebraskans of drinking age. They pump in the hearts of downtown Benson and Lincoln amid curling blue cigar smoke and whiskey aromas, and that makes for a good time if you do not mind the smoke. And while it is hailed as the best cigar bar in the city for at least a decade, one of its most underrated aspects is its mean Bloody Mary.

Here, the Bloody Marys tend to lean more heavily on the spicy side of life – and that most likely plays a significant role in why Omaha and Lincoln love and frequent this place for their Bloody Marys. Of course, each drink comes with all the regular fixings to offset the heat a little.

Ultimately, if you agree that a Bloody Mary is only as good as its mix and prefer yours spicy, this place should be on your list. And especially if you dig the film noir vibe because it oozes out of the walls at Jake’s Cigars & Spirits.

Jerry's Bar
While Jerry Walle, who bought and named this bar in the 1960s, no longer owns Jerry’s Bar, his predecessor, Rob Rutar, passionately and faithfully carries the tradition forward. Found on Facebook page

Jerry’s Bar

Jerry’s Bar is a beloved neighborhood tavern nestled neatly outside the Benson Entertainment District that began under a different name in the 1950s. It has routinely appeared on the Best of the Big O list. Over time, Jerry’s has served its regulars well, and many have come to favor its signature yet evolving Bloody Mary.

The drink is genuinely impressive, fair priced, and goes down easy. It arrives tall, delicious, and not too spicy, adorned with green fixings for your chewing pleasure in between sips and chugs.

But there is also something ineffable about their Bloody Mary – perhaps it is because it partly (and rightly so) rests on the vitalizing aspects of its atmosphere. Drinking it down is pleasantly amplified by the walls or smiling faces of a friendly neighborhood bar. Maybe it is the pour or the mix. Either way, if you fancy Bloody Marys, you must check out Jerry’s to discover what the inter-generational, well-founded hype is all about.

Omaha Tap House
Although Omaha Tap House is known for its vast beer selection, and rightly so, do not sleep on their cocktails. Found on Facebook page

Omaha Tap House

A one part-restaurant, one part-bar that has increasingly made a name for itself over the last half-decade is the acclaimed Omaha Tap House. Both locations, downtown and out west, will blow your mind and warm your insides with a delicious Big O Bloody Mary.

And the Big O Bloody Mary offers a great blend of smokey and intoxicating notes for visitors to experience as they eat and drink their way through this massive menu item whose name accurately depicts its size. Moreover, because everything from food to beverage is always on point, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a slider and cheese curd on top of juicy olives and pickles.

And though the Omaha Tap House is a great place to dine after dark, it also features a delectable brunch arena, especially when one considers the all-day happy hour deals on Sunday, in tandem with a $6 Big O Bloody Mary until 2 pm. That way, you can enjoy your Sunday morning thankful, inebriated, and cost-effective.

Twisted Fork Grill & Saloon
If you want to understand and observe how these craft foods and cocktails intersect with the cowboy aesthetic, give Twisted Fork a try. Found on Facebook page

Twisted Fork Grill & Saloon

Twisted Fork, commonly abbreviated as simply the “Fork,” is located in the heart of the Old Market downtown. It is perhaps the best place to go to for brunch and a taste of what it would be like on a country-western movie set. And it features one of the best patios in Omaha, too.

The brunch menu not only includes delicious, morning-styled, Western-themed eats for their bright and early customers, but it also contains a sizable Bloody Mary section, aptly named “Morning Pick Me Ups.” Here, you can drink down elegant Bloody Marys in an atmosphere of cowboy bravado like nothing, especially given the nature of their “Build Your Own Bloody Mary” option.

The number of possible combinations is endless, or close to it when one ponders under the influence of one of these beautiful beasts. And getting to choose your vodka, seasonings, hot sauces, and garnishes is quite the experience, and it can work up your appetite considerably.

The Trap Room has a 1960s vibe, replete with shag carpet, is so comfortable and inviting that you will never want to leave, and thus it is aptly named. Found on Facebook page

The Trap Room

Another bar that has been around for just shy of a decade is the Trap Room, where you can also order to-go drinks online. Now, the Trap Room offers a straightforward Bloody Mary, if that is what you want. But they also serve a genius 32-ounce, sleek-looking Trap Room branded jug of Bloody Mary to-go, and yes, it is as game-changing as it sounds.

Admittedly, some aperitif aficionados and brunch champions may scoff at the lack of food on the menu to pair with such an excellent drink. But the Trap Room makes up for this in sheer cocktail quality and through distinct at-home and in-bar drinking experiences. That, and it is a renowned cozy hideout bar.

Give props to the mixed drink itself, its elegant presentation, and intuitive convenience. But most of all, give it up for The Trap Room for becoming one of the more talked about Bloody Mary specialists in the city. Permit yourself to find out why.

Indeed, a Bloody Mary can be green. Found on Facebook page

Early Bird Brunch

When it comes to brunching in the historic Blackstone district or bustling Shadow Lake Towne Center, most folks know to visit Early Bird, and for a good reason. And if you are also in the mood for a Bloody Mary, you are doubly in luck. But if you see what looks like an off-color margarita topped with fried foods, what you see is a Bloody Mary known around these parts as the “Green Queen,” and you should order it.

Expect your green Bloody Mary to taste delicious on three levels, especially if you enjoy spices. For fixings, they use green onion, jalapeno, and celery; for vodka, they use a thyme-infuse brand; and their house green tomato Mary mix mingles effortlessly with the green tabasco.

Early Bird also serves a straight-up Bloody Mary in a tall, slightly avant-garde drinking glass, beautifully topped with all the edible fixings you could want. For brunch-goers and those who prefer to walk on the wild side, this could become your favorite spot.

Blatt Beer & Table opened in 2012 to honor the memory of Rosenblatt Stadium, which had closed two years prior. Found on Facebook page

Blatt Beer & Table

Blatt Beer & Table is a rad place to eat delicious craft pub food, play a game of shuffleboard, and drink excellent cold beer. But it is also an underrated place to get a dank Bloody Mary. Theirs are slightly spicy, amplified by the bell pepper fixings, and endlessly savory, thanks to the perfectly blended house mix, paired with a good pour of vodka. You can even drink it outside to obtain a different perspective.

And for those who enjoy multiple options, you will be pleased to know Blatt joins other premiere forward-moving establishments by offering to-go pickup and delivery services at the downtown and Papillion locations. Your Bloody Mary can be enjoyed at home as well as in-house, and both experiences make for a worthwhile and memorable time.

For those looking for a solid place to either get a to-go Mary or enjoy it in-house in tandem with a spirited shuffleboard skirmish, Blatt Beer & Table is arguably one of the best options on the table. Experience it in both mediums for the best results.

The Elbow Room first opened in 1946, meaning that its dive bar status has been well earned. Found on Facebook page

The Elbow Room

Check out the Elbow Room to discover how a self-described, self-embracing dive bar can deliver an impressive range of cocktail excellence. Specifically, get comfortable and order yourself one of Eddie’s Famous Bloody Marys; after all, as a rule, any self-respecting, self-aware hole in the wall is only as good as its house Mary. And this is one of the best neighborhood bars in Omaha, after all.

Spoiler alert: this facility can facilitate this cocktail swimmingly. The low-key, small, and dark nature of this establishment doubtless contributes to that implacable reason people frequent it, and time and again, order this drink. Whoever this Eddie is, he has done good work in establishing an epic blueprint to be poured by skillful tenders.

Ultimately, if you want a tough-as-nails Mary – that is, an affordable, straightforward, and tasty cocktail – and a roller-coaster feeling in your stomach, ER may be the place for you. And you may obtain a perspective that holistically enhances an appreciation for the pub, cocktail, and life in the fast lane.

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