Harvesting Death

Farming in a HazMat Suit?



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Chemical pollution

Ever since graduating RPI as a chemical engineer in the 80s I released that the water and food in this country were killing us and would progressively get worse. I starting eating strictly organic and filtering our water and done so for my family to this day Monsanto has become public enemy # 1 and the drug companies are close behind. I have known about the cancer causing use of talcum powder, asbestos, cigarettes, industrial solvents etc. countless people will die prematurely because of corporate greed and ignorance. Watch the new drugs especially those with the endings "mab" This stands for monoclonal antibodies. May the force of the universe help those poor souls who do not have the education, intelligence and foresight or financial means to eat organic primarily plant based diet,filter their water ( and I do not mean through a "brita" filter but true reverse osmosis filtration) and avoid electromagnetic radiation.

Sean Mullen 84 days ago