New Orleans Sneaux Food Truck

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Authentic New Orleans Style Snowballs: Shaved Ice in a wide variety of exotic and classic flavors. We’re not your typical “snow cone”.

The Great Summer Creature they call it. A snowball, shaved ice topped with just about any flavor you can think of. Ever wonder why we call it a New Orleans Style Snowball? The current version of the snowball originated in New Orleans in the 1920s, made with hand ice-shavers creating the fluffy snow many of you are so familiar with today. But snowballs have been around much longer than that.

This Summer delight is said to have dated way back to the Roman Empire where they made these treats out of actual snow. During the Industrial Revolution Baltimore introduced snowballs to the United States. According to, “Wagons carrying ice blocks from New York to the southern United States would pass through Baltimore and hand out ice shavings to kids, whose parents would then add flavoring.” From then on, it became a well-known treat in movie theaters and remains a Baltimore tradition today.

Now, back to New Orleans! Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, a familiar name to New Orleanians, was started by Ernest and Mary Hansen. Ernest was the inventor of the very first ice shaving machine back in 1934, and the desire for this summertime treat has gone on ever since!

Snowballs are a New Orleans childhood staple. We want you to make it yours too, so come on out and make your own memories with us!