Chillin’ with Afie

Bahamas performs Jan. 24 at Reverb

Afie Jurvanen, a Finnish-Canadian, goes beyond the ordinary and takes a look at life from every angle. Jurvanen has been creating music under the name Bahamas since 2009 and his newest album was released August of 2014. The songs give the idea to plug in your headphones, meander down the street and have a seat in a coffee shop. Even the upbeat songs of Bahamas holds a chill quality and his simple yet playful sound takes you on a tour of exploration. Jurvanen produced an album that takes a turn he said he didn’t even realize he was creating. Bahamas believes that you are stronger than you are and he will be there to remind you of that. Afterall, Jurvanen has all the time in the world and if you want some of it, coming to his show is your chance. Bahamas, Jan. 24, at Reverb Lounge, 9 p.m., $13.

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