Family band Eisley is on the road again Eisley, a Tyler, Texas-based five-piece, indie-pop band is, despite the relative youth of its members (ranging 20-28) is well acquainted with the vagaries and frustrations of the music business. While most bands spend years (if not decades) touring in cramped busses, taking rest stop sink showers and scratching by to get to the next show, Eisley traveled a different road. After clubbing on weekends around the Lone Star state the band (consisting of four siblings and one cousin) was signed to major label Warner Brothers and enlisted to tour as an opener for Coldplay. Aside from the stint with Coldplay, Eisley opened shows for the likes of Snow Patrol, New Found Glory, Hot Hot Heat and Mutemath. “I guess it has been kind of a quick ride,” says guitarist/vocalist/older sister Chauntelle DuPree. “We signed with Warner Brother back in 2003 and it was really a roller coaster back then. Things have really slowed down in the last three years. Our contract ended in 2007 and we were trying to figure out if we wanted to stay with the label or leave and they begged us and begged us to stay so we finally re-signed. So they gave us money to do another record and after they heard it they said ‘On second thought we’re not going to be able to do as much for the record as we thought we could. You guys are welcome to go but we are going to need a percentage back.’ Then the percentage kept getting higher and higher, plus we were all kind of going through some personal stuff, both good and bad.” “So that was tough,” she adds. “We wanted to tour but there was no money to do it and we were just kind of waiting for the label to figure out what was going on. Things are great now. We’re almost done with Warner Brothers and the new record will be coming out on Equal Vision Records. It’s like we got this fresh, brand new start. We’re a baby band again.” With two proper full-lengths and a host of EPs to their credit, including 2003’s Marvelous Things, which was recorded in Omaha with local producer Mike Mogis, the members of Eisley know their way around the recording process. On its most recent EP, Fire Kite, the band works with memorable hooks, sparse vocals and a host of intriguing arrangements to make a songs that are capable of staying in your head after the first listen but manage to become something more complex and evolved the more you listen; aging like a fine French cheese. Band members often refer to themselves as brothers and sisters, the close travel quarters and large amounts of time together lend the relationships an air of familiarity that perhaps goes beyond friendship. But for Eisley, it truly is a family affair. Along with Chauntelle, the band features sister Stacy DuPree on vocals, guitar and keyboards, Sherri DuPree-Bemis on guitar and vocals, Weston DuPree on drums and cousin Garron DuPree holding down bass duties. With their father serving as band manager and Chauntelle’s husband acting as tour manager, the band likes to keep everything close to the nest. “I think that we’re maybe a little unique from some siblings because we are really best friends,” Chauntelle says. “We’re like a bunch of clones. We have the same sense of humor, we like the same music and movies. We all realize that what we have is really something very special and we don’t want to mess it up.” Eisley plays The Waiting Room, 6212 Maple St., Monday, Nov. 8, at 8 p.m. Ives The Band and Christie DuPree will open the show and tickets are $12. Visit

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