Backbeat: Music, Pleiades, and Bears…Oh My!

For having been an official band for less than a year, Pleiades & the Bear have done a respectable job of putting their mark on Omaha’s indie/roots/folk/Americana scene. Blending thoughtful lyrics with head turning four-part harmonies, P&tB are the kind of group that can hush a room. The band’s core members include Karmen DeLancey, Victoria Blodgett, Jonathan Knobbe, and Daniel Butler. Each an impressive singer and musician, members of P&tB all contribute in songwriting efforts. After some searching and fill ins, the band recruited veteran drummer Roselle Ledesma to hold down the beat. Since, the band has spent the last 10 months building a buzz with their stirring vocals and signature blend of indie and folk inspired songs. Listen to the player below for an interview and live songs by the band on the Worlds of Wayne Podcast. Check out the band at their WEBSITE.