Backbeat – RPD releases new record, AYGAMG beats the bridge, and piano tunes at Jerry’s

Rock Paper Dynamite is Back with a Bang

It’s been a while since the roots rock quartet Rock Paper Dynamite stepped on stage to give an audience a dose of its roots-rock glory. The band took a hiatus in 2014 and during that time founding member, drummer, and longtime friend Scott Zrust made the decision to follow his passion for the culinary arts and stepped off the drum throne. For some time, even members of the band wondered what the future held and if RPD would continue into 2015. But brothers Joe and Andrew Janousek have always been a dynamic duo of sorts and with new inspiration, a handful of songs, and new drummer Geoff Boyer, the band revitalized itself. Rock Paper Dynamite went back into the studio with producer Curt Grubb and recorded a new record entitled “Teeth.” The record drops this weekend supported by an album release show at the Waiting Room Lounge Saturday August 8th. Rothsteen, Those Far Out Arrows, and Matt Cox are on the bill, supporting the release with what is sure to be a fantastic show with a mix of signature Omaha sounds.

Recently the band visited the Worlds of Wayne Podcast and showcased a few songs off the new album and talked about how they approached new songs, a new member, and renewed plans for the future. Known for their animated live shows, harmonies, and quality songs, Rock Paper Dynamite has no plans of slowing down. Take a listen to the full interview below and make a point to join what is sure to be a packed house at the Waiting Room for their record release party.

Rock Paper Dynamite on Worlds of Wayne: