Local bands such as Rock Paper Dynamite and Snake Island have lit a fire underneath Omaha’s rock and roll scene. The Decatures, another band at the forefront of the rock and roll revival in Omaha, are releasing a full length album this weekend and, in the process, are liberating the once worn out rock and roll sound.

Fat Kids Lp, the bands first album, combines different genres and creates an entirely new musical ecosystem. It’s no secret that lead singer Charlie Encell is a Jack White fan. In the Decatures’ demo release, the White Stripes influence was fairly obvious, but the familiar sound left the listener in a comfortable position, somewhere between the blues and The Black Keys. Fat Kids Lp drops the listener in a barren land that feels somewhat familiar but mostly undiscovered.

The influences that the Decatures’ draw from on Fat Kids Lp are wide. “Ryan likes Yes, I’m a huge Green Day fan, Pat used to play in a black metal band,” said Encell.

“We all have very specific tastes, but we find common ground with some bands,” said Ryan Call, the band’s bassist.

So what is this album about? To Encell, it’s about rock and roll. “Rock and roll isn’t dead. It’s taken a brief hiatus,” said Encell. “The album’s loud, nothing’s light on the loafers.”

The Decatures deal with controversial topics, such as the recreational use of marijuana. According to the band, smoking weed is as common in the music scene as smoking cigarettes. The drug is used as a way to socially bond and make new musical connections, even helping them to score an out of town show.

With the musical landscape of Omaha being indie rock dominated, the group feels like they have something to bring to the table.

“We want to start something else,” said Encell.

“Something that can bring a bunch of people from different backgrounds together,” said Call.

“We play the perfect music for that, we play rock and roll,” said Encell.

The fans of The Decatures are currently their friends, friends of friends and middle aged people, but their base is rapidly expanding.

“Our fan base is everyone who’s there to see the other bands. A lot of the time we’re just picking up people that came to see the other bands,” said Encell.

The Decatures don’t attempt to imitate other artist’s acts on stage, have a gimmick, or stand still like The Strokes. On an average night, the band simply creates a high energy atmosphere. “We just have fun playing with our buddies,” said Call.

Fat Kids Lp is a necessity if you’ve lost all hope for rock and roll.

The Decatures, Travelling Mercies, Rock Paper Dynamite and Matt Cox all join forces this Saturday, July 27th at The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple Street. Tickets are $7 at the door.

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