High Up & M34n Str33t

With Lineman's Rodeo

A showcase of artistic styles, the Waiting Room hosts a night filled with indie soul, homegrown hip-hop, and a touch of the trippy. Fink sisters roll out once again with a moody sound that travels the peaks and valleys of modern music, while Conchance and his alphanumeric namesake M34n Str33t will bring the beats. Lineman’s Rodeo start the night by turning the reverb up to 11 and letting the strings fly where they may. It’s sure to be an emotional night of intense music that will take you away from your daily grind.

Friday, March 4

High Up & M34n Str33t with Lineman’s Rodeo

The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple Street 

9:00 p.m., $7


Category: Music

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