Jacob James Wilton Album Release Show – Jan. 20

January 20

Jacob James Wilton Album Release Show

Lucy;s Pub (89th and Blondo St.)


Before the April 2017 demise of his former band Super Ghost, Omaha singer-songwriter Jake Newbold made sure he wasted no time between projects, preemptively starting the acoustic project Jacob James Wilton — Newbold’s birth name — last winter and releasing the self-recorded debut EP, Watazoa, SC, in February. Newbold has since assembled a team of Lincoln and Omaha scene veterans to join either his “loud band” or his “quiet band,” including bassist Aaron Lee (ex-Better Friend), Marina Kushner (I Forgot To Love My Father) on violin and Dave McInnis (Magu, Timecat) on drums. Both groups play the same songs but with the quiet band emphasizing baroque instrumentation and country-influenced harmonies, and the loud band leaning on the tender verses and Big Muff-distorted hooks of bands like Starflyer 59. JJW drops its second EP, the first with a full band, this month at Omaha house show venue Lucy’s Pub. It remains to be determined if the loud band or the quiet band does the heavy lifting on the EP, but it’s not unlikely that both will make appearances at the release show. Empty Bag of Ears, Death Cow and CJ Clydesdale Band open the show. Search “Jacob James Wilton Release Show” on Facebook for more information.

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