Lazy-i Podcast Ep. 3 – March 4!

It's 18 wasted minutes of your life, but who cares, it’s free.

Check out a brand new episode of the Lazy-i Weekly Wrap-up Podcast! In this week’s episode:

-– Matthew Sweet talks about Hear Nebraska and The Drumstick in Lincoln.

— Icky Blossoms and Simon Joyner leak new tracks from their forthcoming albums.

— The River rolls out a new music festival.

— Live reviews of and live clips from Shy Boys and J Fernandez

— A list of the hottest shows happening this weekend.

It’s 18 wasted minutes of your life you’ll never get back, but who cares, it’s free. Check it out.

The Lazy-i Weekly Wrap-Up Podcast is a collection of local indie music news, comments and reviews from the web pages of, plus music samples from live shows and upcoming releases, as well as a look at the best shows happening in the coming weekend, and beyond, all hosted by music journalist and critic Tim McMahan.

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